Served over 20,000 customers

About Us

Bongo was launched in 2013, while seeing a need for a simple and customized travel options for all your travel needs. The Bongo team has served over 20,000 visitors while working with of airlines and hotels to create and deliver cost effective travel plans and tours to all travellers.

Bongo is friendly and dedicated, and always works to provide the lowest available prices for customized travel plans and tours.

Why Choose Bongo

  • 01
    No Hidden Charges

    We do not charge you an extra fee for making reservations with us

  • 02
    Worldwide Flights and Hotel Reservations

    We work with more than 30 leading Airlines and Thousands of Hotels to make the best travel package for you

  • 03
    Get All Your Travel Requirements under One Roof

    Bongo team is dedicated to arrange all your travel needs including air tickets, hotel accommodations, visa, transfers, travel insurance, city tours and many more

  • 04
    Flexible Booking

    You can book up to a whole year in advance or last moment travel arrangements (minimum of 3 days for departure is required) with Bongo without a hassle